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Sewer Scope / Camera Inspections

We confidently say that Sewer Camera Inspections are one of the most valuable home inspections available because sewer repairs can be one of the most costly repairs a home might need. A small investment can save someone thousands of dollars in unnecessary and unexpected repairs and standard water flow tests are just not enough to ascertain the true condition of the sewer pipe or its integrity. We are providing Sewer Inspection Services in Kansas City since 2015 with a huge customer reputation.

our Sewer Inspection Services DATA

  • Over 50% of the homes we’ve inspected need some kind of remediation with varying degrees of expense.
  • About 20% of the homes requiring remediation need a repair or replacement.
  • The average cost of a sewer line repair in Kansas City is in the $2000-$5000 range.
  • A full sewer line replacement can skyrocket that cost up to $25000.
  • The Sewer Doctors have inspected millions of feet of sewer line in the Kansas City area.

What Makes The Sewer Doctors Special for Sewer Inspection?

Just like having the ability to throw a football doesn’t make someone Patrick Mahomes, the ability to buy and operate a sewer camera doesn’t make someone a Sewer Doctor. Most sewer “inspectors” have had no more than a few days of training before receiving a “certification” unlike the inspectors at The Sewer Doctors. Our experience makes us the best choice for a truly expert opinion.

The majority of drain companies use cheap sewer camera inspection services as a loss leader that creates a gateway to sell sewer lines. The Sewer Doctors, on the other hand, specialize in sewer scope inspections, using our sewer cameras as a protective shield for our unsuspecting Kansas City neighbors when they’re buying or selling a home.

The Sewer Doctors provides the best value inspections and highest quality inspections reports in the Kansas City market.

  • Multi-page full-color reports are thorough but written to the layman so everyone can understand our findings.
  • An HD quality video link stored in the cloud for a minimum of 2 years is embedded in the report so that it’s easy to share and use for negotiations if needed.
  • High-quality photos of the line’s interior and problem areas are also embedded in the report.
    Reports are sent out the same day that payment is received to keep things moving along seamlessly during the home buying/selling process.

Guarantee: We have no hidden agenda or sales pitches disguised as “inspections”. It’s our policy that we will not provide a repair or replacement on a sewer line that we inspected during a real estate transaction unless that diagnosis is confirmed by another reputable company. This removes any potential conflict of interest or any question to the accuracy of our inspection findings.

Who Uses The Sewer Doctors?

Sewer Inspection Kansas City, MO
Home Buyers
Sometimes Homebuyers are hesitant to order additional inspections beyond the standard home inspection. After all, there are a lot of potential problems you could inspect for, and the cost of inspections can add up quickly, but because the sewer line can be one of the MOST expensive repairs on a home and there’s no way to know the condition of a sewer line without sending a specialized sewer camera into the line to inspect, for breaks, cracks, offsets in joints that would impede the flow, pipe seperation, and sags in the line. As important as the sewer is in our modern homes, this is one you definitely don’t want to skip. The “sewer inspection” included in a general home inspection is just running water or flushing the toilet to make sure there are no immediate signs of a back up. This simple “test” can’t really assess the condition of the line itself or any problems that may be looming. Only a video inspection can do that. Ask for it specifically when scheduling your home inspection or call us directly.
Home Sellers

The sewer line can be one of the MOST expensive repairs on a home and there’s no way to know the condition of a sewer line without sending a specialized sewer camera into the line to inspect. Many homeowners believe that, just because they’ve never seen evidence of a sewer back up, that their sewer line is in good condition, but that’s like someone assuming they have no heart problems, just because they’ve never had a heart attack. Specialized tests are the only way to truly assess the health of your body or your sewer. Home buyers are becoming more and more aware of the need for a thorough sewerscope inspection and those considering selling their home should have a pre-inspection sewerscope done so they can be prepared and take proactive steps to make their home as appealing and easy to sell as possible.

Real Estate Agents
Having worked with thousands of real estate agents in Kansas City we understand the demands you face with tight deadlines and all that is involved in getting from contract to close. We can usually schedule a sewer inspection within 48 hours of you contacting us and/or coordinate to arrive during your general home inspection to save you and your clients any inconvenience. Agents appreciate that our approach to their clients and our commitment to providing an unbiased, thorough inspection report along with an HD quality video of the inspection that same day, so no delays in moving this transaction closer to closing.

Many agents ask us if we do repair work and the answer is yes, we absolutely do have the expertise and knowledge to provide sewer repair when it’s needed. While our competitors would want you to believe this is a negative and that the only way to remain unbiased is to not have the ability or expertise to do a sewer repair, our versatility and broad knowledge base are one of the things agents love most about The Sewer Doctors.

Buyer’s need an inspection? You can count on our inspection to be thoroughly unbiased as we do not give estimates or do repair work on properties we have inspected.

Sellers got some bad news about their sewer line? We’re the first ones you should call to make sure that the repair that’s being called for is necessary and, if it is, to ensure your clients are getting the best quality and value for that repair.

Ask anyone…It’s not what you say, but how you say it and our inspectors are communication experts.

Investors and Remodelers
Property investors, “Flippers” and home remodeling companies love partnering with us.
Our investors use our sewer inspection services or line location services to help them get the best return on their investment. There’s nothing worse than tearing up a newly completed floor to repair an undiscovered break in a sewer line that could have been found before the remodel was complete.

The time and manpower saved by having a sewer line located properly before starting to dig pays huge dividends for our remodelers and other sewer repair companies that don’t have the time or equipment to do a line locate before digging.

Home Inspectors
Running water during an inspection may identify an immediate blockage, but only a sewer scope can give your clients the piece of mind that the sewer line in the home they’re buying has the integrity they’re going to expect that you’re signing off on. Offering this specialized inspection to your clients protects your reputation and your client’s confidence in your home inspection report. The home inspectors we partner with have no problem sharing the value of our service with their clients and singing our praises as we take on the liability of the sewer line inspection for that property.
Home Owners

Sometimes sewer lines just don’t work like they’re supposed to. Sometimes you find out about it in a subtle way like when you notice a drain isn’t emptying as quickly as it used to or maybe you find out in a more direct way, like having a sudden and messy sewer back up. Either way, you’ll need a professional to take a look to see how serious the problem is, but calling the right company can be the difference between a solution and more problems for you. When you call The Sewer Doctors we guarantee there will be no upselling or inflating of problems. You can count on a truthful evaluation and recommendation that is focused on what’s best for you, not just our bottom line. We promise complete transparency as to what we deem the problem to be and what the best solution is to get the line working as it should, even if The Sewer Doctors aren’t part of that solution. Every homeowner should consider The Sewer Doctors their go-to sewer experts because we’re bringing the words “honest” and “plumber” back together again.

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