Sewer Inspection and Drain Cleaning by Hydro Jet or Auger

in Odessa, MO.


Sewer Inspection and Drain Cleaning by Hydro Jet or Auger

in Odessa, MO.


Sewer Inspection and Drain Cleaning by Hydro Jet or Auger in Odessa, MO

The Sewer Doctors specializes in sewer inspections, drain cleaning by augering or hydro jetting and root maintenance with a track record of professionalism and excellent customer service. Since 2015, we have been providing professional sewer inspections and drain cleaning services to the Odessa area. We approach each day keeping our core values ​​of hard work, honesty, and professionalism top of mind. We believe this has helped us win the trust of our customers in the Kansas City metro area.

Because of our uncommon approach to the home services industry, we have been able to help many customers make good decisions and to safeguard them from bad ones when buying a home in Odessa. Homeowners experiencing sewer back ups or drain problems or home buyers looking to ensure the sewer line is in good working order before they buy a home are always glad when they call The Sewer Doctors for their sewer inspections and drain cleaning.

Sewer drain back ups can happen for many reasons. Most problems call for a relatively low cost solution like a simple sewer cleaning but other times the fix can be more expensive. The question is, who do you trust to help you decide which is really needed? Knowing exactly what the cause is, seeing it for yourself with our sewer camera technology and letting us use our years of experience to educate you and to help you find the solution is why Odessa homeowners should call The Sewer Doctors.

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Our 3 Services for Odessa:

Sewer Camera Inspection:

What makes us different? Odessa homeowners are our priority and it shows in our sewer inspection reports which we created with you in mind. Rather than fill them with useless, confusing industry verbiage used by other companies to try to impress you, our reports are simple to read but full of quality information.

Each report includes an HD quality cloud-based recording of your sewer inspection at no extra charge, along with a variety of high quality photos embedded into the report to highlight and explain our findings and recommendations. You’ll know more than you ever wanted or thought you needed to know when we’re through.

Many sewer inspection companies use low quality equipment and minimally trained employees. In contrast, The Sewer Doctors has purposefully invested in the best sewer cameras in the industry. That, combined with staffing only the best people is a big win for our clients.

And best of all, our sewer inspections are just that. Unbiased inspections where our only goal is to provide you with clear, accurate information so you can make informed decisions and we provide the shareable video to back up anything we recommend.

Drain Cleaning: Augering and Hydro Jetting

The Sewer Doctors also provides drain cleaning services to Odessa, including floor drain cleaning, main sewer cleaning, kitchen/laundry branch line cleaning and clogged drain cleaning. We’re committed to complete drain pipe cleaning, not just a short term solution like so many of the low cost, low quality drain specials our competitors use. If you think it sounds “cheap” it is!

You see, most drain companies use drain cleaning as a loss leader. No drain cleaning company can survive on $79 drain specials. So what’s the catch? You see, they intend to sell you a sewer repair even before they leave their office. They use their visit to your Odessa home to exaggerate a problem, turning a service call into a sales pitch for a repair rather than simply doing the work they were hired for. Did you know most drain cleaning companies have regular sales training sessions for their technicians? That’s NOT how The Sewer Doctors does business. Our drain technicians are true professionals with only one goal and that is to get your line thoroughly cleaned and working the best that its current age and condition allows. If we make a recommendation, you can be confident it is serving Odessa homeowners that motivates that guidance, not financial gain for us.

We use the best equipment too! Other drain cleaning companies use low quality equipment, possibly even rented from the local home improvement store, but to truly clean a line it takes experience and the right tools. The Sewer Doctors always uses the highest quality, well maintained drain cleaning equipment on the market. We’ve invested in the best because our clients deserve the best.

And we customize our service offerings based on your needs. We understand that different tools are needed to solve different problems. Depending on the issue and your home’s particular situation, we can offer both mechanical augering or hot water hydro jetting services. Flushing the sewer line with a state of the art hot water jetter gets your sewer line the cleanest it can be without replacing the sewer line itself.

This, combined with our team’s commitment to excellence and none of the games or sketchy sales tactics rife in our industry, makes The Sewer Doctors the best choice for all homeowners in Odessa.

Root Maintenance:

Sewer pipes are meant to handle dirty jobs, but the material of the pipes are often no match for tree roots. As sewer lines age they can crack or break. Joints can shift and separate. Any of this can allow tree roots into your line. Tree roots in sewer lines are very common in Kansas City sewer lines and Odessa is no exception. Tree roots dam up the line can cause expensive, messy, unsanitary back ups.

Even after a thorough drain cleaning tree roots can start to regrow right away potentially causing a repeat or recurring back up situation. By using a foaming root inhibitor product annually you may be able to save the cost of mechanical drain cleaning and potentially extend the life of your sewer line.

Our professionally applied RootX root maintenance applications can help Odessa homeowners keep their residential sewer lines flowing as intended.

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