Drain Cleaning


Drain Cleaning

We all know drains can get clogged and having seen via sewer camera technology, millions of feet of Kansas City sewer lines, The Sewer Doctors (having track record of providing best drain cleaning services in Kansas City by augering or hydro jetting ) have seen ALL the causes! When a back up happens people’s first reaction is to call a drain company. STOP right there! Here’s where it gets tricky. You see, most people don’t know how to tell the difference between a true drain cleaning and a drain opening service or why knowing the difference can save you from being taken advantage of.
Check it out:

  • Over 30% of sewer camera inspections reveal a main drain or sewer line in need of a thorough sewage cleaning.
  • A true drain line cleaning can take hours worth of skilled labor and can rarely be accomplished with rented equipment.
  • Almost all of the “other guys” drain technicians work on some sort of a commission-based pay scale.
  • Most drainage line cleaning “specials” are designed as loss-leaders for the plumbing company to get their foot in your door with the hopes of finding bigger problems.
  • Many companies inflate, exaggerate or even lie about the condition of the sewer line with the intention of selling an expensive sewer repair or replacement.
  • Almost all of the camera technicians that drain companies send to your home are actually part of their sales team that work on a commission-based pay scale.
  • The large, well-known water jetting drain cleaning kansas city (KC) companies rarely advertise their sewer repair services and yet each company makes millions of dollars on sewer repairs alone every year with leads they obtain from their cheap drain specials.
  • We’re often called for a second opinion and about 50% of the time find that the “other guys” recommended repairs are, in-fact, unnecessary.

Guarantee #2 – When work is recommended we ALWAYS provide video and photographic evidence as to why it’s needed. The Sewer Doctors will never recommend a repair unless we feel it’s absolutely necessary. Our integrity is just too valuable and can’t be bought. Some companies will tell you that a repair is needed but refuse or can’t provide any proof other than the technician’s word. Usually, that’s a strategic decision meant to keep the homeowner in the dark and keep another drain cleaner company, like The Sewer Doctors, from exposing them.


In contrast:

  • The Sewer Doctors drain technicians are paid a flat rate. No commissions or sliding scale pay structures and no sales quotas to meet.
  • We don’t run cheap drain “specials” because we feel our prices are fair for the work that’s provided. We’re not the most expensive and we’re not the least and that’s for a reason.
  • Our pricing is based on the service and value we provide, not intended for any other purpose or with any other agenda other than to get your line working as it should.

The Sewer Doctors goal is to help your sewer line function the best its current condition allows with professional Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning Services in Kansas City.

Who Uses The Sewer Doctors?

Drain Cleaning
Home Buyers

Most of the time, the home buyers feel hesitate to do the additional inspection related to the standard home inspections. All things considered, there is a great deal of potential issues you could investigate for, and the expense of this inspection can add up rapidly. However, since the sewer line can be one of the costly fixes on a home and it’s basically impossible to know the state of a drain line without sending a specific sewer camera into the line to review, for breaks, cracks and unbalanced joints. It can hinder the stream, pipe separation, and breaks in the line. However, sometimes as the drain seems to be an important assert in our home, this is one you most certainly don’t want to skip. The home drain inspection is important for an overall home assessment. Everyone simply needs running water or flushing the latrine. The inspection ensures there are no prompt indications of a backup in sewer system. The basic “test” can’t actually survey the state of the home sewer line or any issues that might be happening in your home. Only the inspection team can do it. You can request it from our team when you have a plan to review the home sewer system we will provide you proper sewer drain cleaning services in Kansas City..

Home Sellers

The home sewer line is one of the most popular and expensive repairing thing of any home. Also there is no authentic way to inspect the condition of your home sewer line without initializing an advanced sewer camera in your home sewer line. Most homeowners claim that if they never see any sewer break down in their home then that means they have a good sewer line. However, it’s like a person have no heart problem but they are sure that they don’t get heart attack. Some particular tests are the best way to really evaluate the strength of your body or your sewer. Home purchasers are turning out to be increasingly more mindful of the requirement for an exhaustive drain inspection review. They all also prefer to do a complete pre inspection drain line testing before selling their home. It is one of the effective and finds proactive ways to make their home as engaging and simple to sell as could really be expected.


Real Estate Agents

You face the problems of getting a contract to close and tight deadlines. So, no need to take tension because we understand the problem you face after working with agents in Kansas City. When you and your customers have any issue during home inspection then our team can help to correct the drainage system within 48 hours. Our approach and commitment to our clients and providing them thorough drainage inspection and HD quality video is excellent. Agents appreciate our service because we provide fast services to our clients.
Many agents ask us about drainage recovery. Our answer is yes because we can do recovery when someone needs it. But our competitors show that this is a negative point because having expertise for a drainage system is not necessary.
Our clients can check our inspection services because we provide drainage recovery after inspection of many things. Before contacting us, you should see if the repair is necessary or not. If it’s necessary then make sure that your clients are getting the best quality and value for that repair.


Investors and Remodelers

Our investors are using our drainage services to check the quality and result after their investment. It’s a very upsetting thing to dig a newly made floor because of a problem in drainage pipelines. So our modelers help you to find and recover these pipelines before digging. It helps our clients to trust other companies that don’t have these digging tools.


Home Inspectors

Many people have the issue of drainage systems before buying a house. So, they need an inspection. Running water during inspection can cause blockage but our inspection team helps you to trust a drainage system. It keeps our services trustworthy and maintains your reputation. We have partnered with many home inspectors that give the true result about the drainage system.


Home Owners

Sometimes drainage lines are not working as quickly as they imagine. Your drainage system is not working properly and all the mess floats up again and again. Then you need to call an expert that will solve your issue. Our company has this service for you. You can call a drainage doctor that not only checks your issue but also finds a good solution for you. We provide the best estimation and trusty results to our clients. So don’t take time and call a drainage expert.

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